Studio II Classes

A Special Note about Studio II Policies Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing! The demand for Studio II classes is great, but the number of students who can be served is limited. This can result in disappointments and misunderstandings, so it seems best to spell out Studio II class policies and related information. • Each teacher sets a class size depending on the space needed for each student. PRR’s oil classes are limited to 9 students. • First come, first served! To register and hold your space, a class must be paid for. You can register and process payment by phone with a credit card or in person at the gallery. • You are able to sign up to 3 sessions in advance, but payment must be received for all 3 sessions: (example: Spring Session, Try It for II – June Session, and Summer Session. • If you have to miss a class, a make-up may be possible by arrangement with the teacher and should be during that class session. • If Canandaigua schools are closed due to weather, Studio II classes for that day are also cancelled. Please make sure we have your current contact details (phone, email) on file so we can contact you in case of sudden unforeseen events. • Painting supplies purchased from the gallery must be paid for by the end of the current Studio II session. • Cancelled classes will be made up. • Artwork exhibited at the PRR gallery is by invitation of PRR. Thank you!

To register for a class, contact the gallery at 394-0030 or by email Please note that payment in full must be received by the gallery one week prior to the start of class of next session starting and complete payment for any reserved sessions past the current session.